Friday Five: Classes that stayed with me

There’s a saying that no education is wasted, but some classes taught me things I never thought I’d still use, long after I took them. Here are five that taught me more than I expected.

1. Algebra. I hate to admit it, but damn it, I use algebra almost every freaking day. Granted, I seldom find myself factoring polynomials, but basic algebra is one of the most valuable skills I ever learned. We’re just talking Algebra I here, though. Algebra II can still sit on it and spin.

2. Drafting. I took a drafting course in high school because I thought I might go into mechanical engineering. I couldn’t hack the higher maths I needed to pursue engineering, but when I need to design a wood working project, I use the skills and techniques Mr. Otto taught me thirty years ago.

3. Stage Carpentry. One of the required courses for the theater degree I didn’t finish at USF taught me fundamentals of woodworking that I’ve put to use for all sorts of projects over the years.

4. Introduction to Philosophy. Not for the philosophy, per se, but because years later, when I was learning about object-oriented programming, I grasped it instantly thanks to having read Aristotle’s theory of forms and ideas

5. Citizens’ Police Academy. A free nine week course offered by the Saint Petersburg Police Department that exposed Carolyn and I to the basics of all sorts of police work. Plus, we got to play with Luminol!