Winter Interlude

My Sweetie has many tropical plants in the yard that, like her, can’t take cold weather. We have three propane-fueled patio heaters for the spots with the most delicate stuff that won’t survive a single night of frost. We haven’t had to use them in a couple of years, but last month, I tested them and they each fired up just fine.

With tonight’s low predicted in the mid-30s, I knew I’d need to run them. The first two started without a hitch, though I might have singed a few eyebrow hairs with the second one after letting the gas build up a bit too long before lighting the pilot. The third heater was a problem.

When I opened the tank valve, it started hissing, and that rotten odor filled my nostrils. Now, after the eyebrow incident, I was wise enough to know that I shouldn’t hit that pilot switch. I closed the valve and took it to a 24-hour convenience store to swap it for a fresh tank.

Now the activity and the cool air have me hankering for a cup of coffee spiked with rum. But the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts is closed for the night and I’m not making a whole pot just for the one cup. I guess I’ll toddle off to bed. Stay warm, friends, and remember, Spring is just around the corner.