Because I said I would


I am late with today’s blog post. Normally, I write them the night before, and schedule them to post early in the morning, but Sunday was too hectic to allow it.

We drove to Fort Lauderdale on Saturday, after a stop at Marie Selby Gardens in Sarasota, to visit the Mai-Kai Restaurant and see the show. The trip was Carolyn’s reward to herself for landing her new job earlier this year, and this was the first weekend that we could get away.

We’ve been to the Mai-Kai before, but I’ve always driven, so I couldn’t enjoy any of their signature cocktails. This time, we decided to take a Lyft so that I could imbibe. This was a good decision. Even if I’d been sober, dealing with traffic on Federal Highway would have been trying at best. And I got to try the Shark Bite, the Mara-Amu (of course I got the souvenir mug, too), and after dinner, the Kona Coffee Grog. Didn’t like the latter, but it was cool to watch the waiter set it on fire.

The show was fabulous, of course, and everyone who hasn’t been to see it should go, and anyone who has seen it should go again.

Sunday, I worked on my novel in the morning, and that was all the time I had for writing that day. We visited the Fruit & Spice Park, another of Carolyn’s favorite places, then met a friend for fruit shakes and smoothies at Robert is Here in Homestead. After that, we went to Crate, a vegan restaurant in downtown Miami, for lunch.­ That left us just enough time to head to FIU for the NASL playoff match between the New York Cosmos and Miami FC. I don’t like either team, but former Rowdies players Lucky Mkosana and Juan Guerra are on the former side, so we cheered for them. It was an exciting match that went to extra time and then penalty kicks, and ultimately a Cosmos victory.

The bonus soccer, and waiting afterward to congratulate Lucky and Juan, meant that we didn’t get home until after 1:00 AM this morning, and so here I am, writing the most boring blog post ever, because I promised myself I’d write something every day, and this is all I had brainpower for.