Confiscate it all

Here we go again. Republicans cut taxes on the wealthiest Americans, which will sink the nation deeper into debt. When Democrats retake the government, Republicans will wail and scream that Democrats are fiscally irresponsible, that raising taxes on the wealthy is theft, and so on. It’s the same old cycle that’s been going on for longer than I’ve been alive. Except this time the con doesn’t even pay lip service to tax relief for the lower and middle classes.

We need to retake the government. Elect Democrats in a wave in 2018, then again in 2020. Replace the pervert in the White House with someone intelligent, honest, and sane.

And then we need confiscatory levels of taxes on the wealthiest. We need at least a 90% marginal tax rate on the one percenters. Almost that high for the top five percent. We need an inheritance tax that breaks up the wealth of families like the Kochs and Mercers. Let their offspring fend for themselves in the free market they purport to worship. Use their money to level the playing field for the bottom 80%, and to pay off the massive debt the nation will incur for their benefit.

We need to break up the giant media conglomerates so that they don’t control the national discourse. Enshrine net neutrality in law, so that it’s not a matter for the next Ajit Pai to overturn at the command of his corporate masters. No company should own more than one media outlet in any given market. No more vertical integration between news sources, so that there is only one voice in the community.

Destroy the power of the rich by taking their wealth. It’s the only way we regain our freedom.