The first drawing

I do not write in the evenings. Most days, I’m so drained by work that processing language is difficult. Reading brings little pleasure, and I don’t retain much of what I read. Playing games and watching TV feel like a waste of time. When bedtime rolls around, I’m frustrated because I feel like I’ve wasted my time. Often, I stay up late trying–and failing–to make something out of the remains of the day. That leads to more frustration. Worse still—I start the next day fatigued. It’s a classic self-reinforcing feedback loop.

I can’t do anything about the fatigue caused by work. I’m a consultant and a trainer. Listening and talking are literally how I earn my living. I’m not in a position to retire yet.

I can’t stop working, but neither can I dampen my creative impulse. I wouldn’t do it even if I could. I’ve decided to try an experiment: use my evenings to learn to draw. I bought an iPad app (Procreate 5) and a Udemy class on drawing. I would like to become proficient and drawing from life and from my imagination. Cartooning appeals to me but I want to explore everything the course has to offer.

The drawing that accompanies this post is my baseline. This is what I can do now, before starting the class. I’m actually pleased with it. It is a reasonable approximation of what was in my mind when I started. I like that hair left ear peeks out from her hair–some is tucked behind and some falls in front.

This is the best I can do, now. I’m going to enjoy getting better.

An ink line drawing of a woman looking down with a pensive expression.

New Fiction: “Simpatico”

This week’s flash fiction on Medium was inspired by a prompt to write about two people who have such a close relationship that they can almost read each other’s minds. I chose not to write about two people in love, but two coworkers who are strongly simpatico even though one is ambitious and the other is not. I hope you’ll enjoy reading “Simpatico.”